The explanation of costs of Dublin Plumbers

As a Dublin plumber I find it hard to stomach the way people expect my services for nothing. For whatever the reason they seem to think my job is easy, when I know it is not. I have a website that brings me my share of business and I like many others advertise “no call out charge, free quotes and have a prices page on my site”.

Even with this and full explanations on the site the amount of people that call and say “how much do you charge?” I reply its €90 per hour or part of for the first hour then in half hour increments. Then I get “but your website says no call out fee”. I always kindly explain that there isn’t one. We don’t charge for the travel to and from your property which could be an hour each way in heavy traffic, our charges for our plumbing services only start when we arrive. I had one guy recently say (his 22 year old boiler had broken down) “well you say you offer free quotes”.  I said we’re happy to. So he asked how much a new PCB board would be, then a heat exchanger, I gave him prices but said we wouldn’t know what the fault was until we visited. Then he said “how much would a new boiler be?”, I said €1800-€2,000 dependent on make and model, supply and fit. He said if his boiler was unrepairable would he still have to pay the €90. I said yes but the €90 would be deducted off the price of supply and fitting a new one. What more can I do? When parts are required we don’t charge twice, we take the €90 as a deposit on supplying and fitting the new part.

What people don’t seem to understand and all plumbers in Dublin will tell you, I went to college for 4 years to learn my trade. I did a hands on apprenticeship for 2 years. I then completed my R.G.I. course so I could work with natural gas (€2,000 cost). I run a van which drinks diesel. I also pay tax, insurance, annual service and yearly N.C.T.  for my van. My tools of the trade cost over €5,000. I pay insurance premiums for public and private indemnity. I have a website with associated costs, phone costs and employ 1 member of office staff. Finally I pay income tax, P.R.S.I. and U.S.C.

With all these costs people still expect all Dublin plumbers to drive round all day for nothing but to provide expert advice and free quotes. They just hear €90 and think that’s expensive.

Forum Advertising and Marketing Tips – Advertise Your Webpage Using Web Based Forums

Online Forum Internet marketing is vital to results!

If you’re not carrying it out currently then you should definitely start. Online online forums are fantastic options, instruments, targeted website traffic generation devices and there are literally 1000’s of these in just about every niche you can imagine. Forum promotion is probably among the least difficult to achieve some awareness by professionals and consumers in your niche market and it is sometimes ignored or forgotten about. The following are some forum promoting ideas that can assist you make the best of your forum marketing campaign

Forum Advertising and marketing Ideas:

1. Posting on Discussion forums Associated with your Specialized niche: This cannot be emphasized enough and it is necessary to your discussion forum internet marketing success. As an example if you’re a dog walking service you would want to post on online forums related to dogs. Even better look for a discussion forum in your specific town where dogs are discussed and post there. To accomplish this just Google “[your keyword] Forums”

2. Do not join to a lot at first:Though in the beginning you might want to conquer the discussion forum world it is essential to increase your popularity first. At some point it will be easier to keep track of multiple forums but learning one or two at first may help gain great reputations plus some possible good allies on the internet.

3. Use your signature although not immediately!: This is very important, so essential that many forums do not permit you to use your signature until you might have had a certain amount of prosperous posts with a positive reputation. It goes straight back to the status piece and how very important it really is to make certain everyone has good things to say about you. All online forums are moderated and spammers are really common creating profiles. Moderators in some instances find you creating a signature straight away as spam and your Internet protocol address will get blacklisted for life.

4. Complete your user profile: Before you start posting insert as much of the user profile info as you possibly can. Your character or picture is important for your success. Posting a photo can help with all your web sites or small businesses brand awareness. Also there are options within your user profile to include your web site. This gives you an important backlink to your site right away. Not just that it’s going to show moderators that you are a real person and you’re intending to grow to be a substantial contributor to their internet site.

5. Study the rules and Present yourself: Understand the regulations of your discussion forum and do not break them. Occasionally stuff that you wouldn’t think about are against the policies and would certainly lead to you getting banned from a discussion forum. Then go an introduce yourself within the right forum site. Moderators really like this because doing so provides them far more reason to trust you and also leave you alone.

If you follow these tips and be sure to try them whenever you get into the community forum advertising and marketing world I then have no doubt you will be successful in attaining targeted traffic to your site. Here are a few message boards I have found helpful to me and giving me some great info on developing a sound online campaign.

Here is a great article on Hub Pages for some more information on Forum Marketing.

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Trademark International Class – Class 35 – Advertising and Business Services

All goods or services are categorized within International Classes (IC hereafter). Goods run from classes IC 1-34, while Services are in IC 35-45. Let’s take a closer look at one of these trademark classes – class 35.

What is International Class 35 All About?

Each class has a short title heading that gives a snapshot of what that class is all about — IC 35’s short title is advertising and business services. Pretty vague, eh?

The first part of IC 35’s description, advertising, is straightforward. If it’s advertising, marketing or promoting services that are being offered, then this is the class. Now there are going to be some exceptions, as with anything related to trademarks.

Tangible advertising goods, such as signs, flyers, brochures, are NOT going to be in IC 35 as those items are not technically a service though are definitely part of a service; tangible paper-based advertising goods are in IC 16. Training, coaching, educating, etc. about advertising, marketing or promotion is NOT going to be in IC 35 but rather in IC 41, which is the educational class.

The second part of international class 35’s description, business services, is not straightforward at all. Semantically, all services could be considered as business services, yes? No way says the trademark powers that be; at least no way if those services can fit within a different international classification.

The USPTO has about 1500 accepted descriptions that fit into IC 35; check them out here.

So What Business Services are in International Class 35?

Ooh this is a tough nut to crack as there are definitely some discernible patterns within this class but there’s a whole lot of slap-dash in here too. Here’s a general breakdown:

o If your services consist, in part, of the word business, you’re likely in trademark class 35. This includes consulting, advising, administration, management, development, information, organization, research, planning, etc.

o Employment services are in this class, which includes hiring, recruiting, placement, staffing and career networking.

o Retail services selling ANY products under the sun, which means a brick and mortar store, online retail sites, mail order, catalog, wholesale, etc.

Learn How to Advertise Your Business Today

You’re here today because you’re looking to learn how to advertise your business. There are plenty of different marketing strategies you can utilize to do so.

Both online and offline advertisement is important to the progress and growth of your company. Without consistently trying to increase the exposure of your business, you can’t possibly expect profitable results. Luckily, learning how to advertise your business is not as difficult as you may imagine.

Offline Marketing Strategies

1) Offer Discounts – This is probably the most common offline marketing strategy used by small businesses. Offering your products or services at a lower price is a great way to get new customers in the door. Use sources like newspaper ads or other printed distributed material to advertise sales and/or offer coupons.

2) Membership/Loyalty Programs – Learning how to advertise your business can be as easy as improving your relationship with existing customers. By creating a membership/loyalty program you can increase the number of return customers you receive. This program can be something as simple as a punch card. The aim is to add an extra dimension to your business’s appeal by offering deals exclusively for loyal customers.

3) Mail Program – Direct mail, although it may seem outdated, is still effective. Find out a way to build a list of client addresses and mail them special offers, information, etc. Direct mail is actually more effective than newspaper ads because it allows you to promote your business to your target audience and existing customers.

Social Media

If your business doesn’t have a presence on each of the prominent social media platforms, you’re behind the curve. Regardless of what your business is selling, a market exists. Social media is a fantastic way to advertise your business online. Learning how to advertise your business online using Twitter and Facebook is actually pretty simple.

Any person or business that follows your business on Twitter or is a fan/friends with your business on Facebook can be considered a business lead. Any information you share will be put right into their social stream for them to see.

That is some seriously efficient marketing. You can even use Facebook’s new grid search to find people who’s interests match the products/services you’re offering.

Even if you aren’t the best with computers or the internet, learning how to advertise your business online using social media is achievable.


Still looking to learn how to advertise your business online? Blogging is an incredibly effective marketing technique; especially because of how relatively inexpensive it is.

If your business already has a working website, the blogging process is as simple as consistently updating it with new content. Obviously anything you blog about should be related to your business.

Blogging using SEO is a great way to target the right audience. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of targeting popular search terms and creating content around them.

Properly doing this can result in your business appearing on the first page of Google. As statistics boldly illustrate, ranking on the first page on Google can be very profitable.

I hope this article has helped you see that learning how to advertise your business can be relatively simple.

Online Advertising and Search Engine Positioning

Online advertising transcends boundaries and allows people to look for information regardless of industry or field and even do shopping through the internet 24 hours daily. This is a distinct but compelling method of advertising which can come in various forms. You can choose from contextual ads found in results pages of top search engines; social network sites; email marketing; classified; and, banner ads.

Use of Keywords in Internet Advertising

However, beyond advertising, the bottom line is better search engine positioning. The key is for these online advertisers and business operators to utilize keywords and keyword phrases. These are supposed to be for which will most likely be used by targeted buyers to find particular commodities or services. These web ads are also specific to regions. In other words, this medium allows advertisers to pinpoint regions, states cities, communities and organizations where such merchandise are in demand. These can also be directed to particular interest and age groups and placed in special interest sites.

Affordable Method of Advertising

Right now, it is the most economical advertising technique. The start-up investment consists of website design and production. Website hosting expenses are insignificant without extra fees normally incurred in conventional advertising methods. Promotional campaigns are also easy on the pocket and the site can be accessed by anyone who has a computer and internet service provider. Advertisers have the prerogative to widen client network on a worldwide magnitude at almost no cost.

Internet advertising is more of a user-machine communication. Thus, through analytical tools in the web, advertisers can monitor and evaluate practically all the elements of internet advertising and marketing initiatives. There is monitoring software which can be used to identify visitor statistics such as pages visited and those that are not visited. Through banner advertising, you will determine the number of visitors who have seen the banners by identifying the number of clicks. Companies can modify their strategies based on the result and reach better search engine positioning. Advertisers can analyze the conversion rate and ensure that their marketing strategies work well. The interactive feature brings immediate response to these advertisements.

Online and Normal Advertising

Traditional Marketing has been overtaken by the more sophisticated and affordable form of marketing which is now popularly known as Internet Marketing. While many business organizations are still using conventional marketing strategies and processes, the shift towards the more advanced forms is very evident. Perhaps the major reason for this development is the package of benefits in internet marketing.

This is why traditional marketing is gradually on its way out. In internet marketing, the primary and most important issues that are often discussed are identifying the target audience, understanding their actions and discovering your desired viewers’ preferences and inspiration. Unless you are fully acquainted with these concerns, it will be very difficult to craft an effective campaign that can reach out and influence these intended publics.

Studies show that advertisers can obtain the best results by using the potentials of both online and offline media with focus on better search engine positioning. In fact, brand awareness can be attained effectively by putting together print and online advertising. By and large, the integration of resources enhances customer confidence by offering the best products and underscoring values that can be obtained by patronizing their merchandise.

Effective Ways to Advertise Your Business Offline

Were you aware that some large companies, such as Pepsi Co., spends 80 percent of their profits on promotion? You may wonder why they do this. The fact is, without effective and successful promotion of a product, it would simply disappear. It must constantly appear in different forms of media to ensure it stays active and relevant in the minds of consumers. There is a multimillion dollar marketing industry dedicated to just this. Utilizing the different forms of marketing and promotion offline is the key to success with your product or service.

What is Offline Promotion
Offline promotion is utilizing other resources than internet to spread the word about your product or business. So much hype has been put on the benefits of online advertising recently that many businesses forget about the millions of people they can target by promoting in resources such as magazines, newspapers, billboards, television and radio advertising and business cards.

Here are some helpful tips and ideas to create a successful offline marketing plan for your business:

– When you send out any sort of correspondence, ensure your company information is in various places. No matter if it is a sales paper or letter of thanks to a client, the name and contact information should be clearly displayed.

– Ensure all your employees are well-informed about the product or service you offer. They are live, word of mouth advertising sources that should be able to answer any questions a potential client may have.

– Use as many sources of advertising media you can to spread the word. This can include billboards, TV advertisements, radio commercials, newspapers and magazines. The more your name is available the more likely consumers are to purchase it.

– Host live events. This can be any sort of event to spread the word about what you offer. Provide some benefit for attendee’s and see your profits grow.

– Give out free promotional merchandise with your businesses name and information on it. This can be t-shirts, cups, bags or anything else that you can give potential customers.

– Utilize live social networking. Online social networking is one of the quickest ways to spread the word about something. Use the same concept and talk to everyone you can about your business, what you offer and the benefits of choosing your product or service.

– Join the chamber of commerce or other business group in your area. Here you can cross-promote each others businesses and grow clients you may have never had without this advantage.

Advertising and promoting your business offline offers many options that can achieve superior results. The fact is, it does not matter if you have a strictly online business or an actual bricks and mortar establishment, you should use methods of offline advertising for promotion purposes. There are few people who are not online at least once a day, however an attractive billboard or catchy radio advertisement may help you gain more attention than a traditional Internet ad. Using the marketing strategies above can help you create a plan to successfully advertise and promote your business offline.